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Turkmenistan , Saturday 21 April 2018

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Turkmenistan implementing national forest program

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Publication date: Wednesday 11 April 2018

The discussion was held in the Turkmen city of Dashoguz as part of the workshop organized by the State Committee for Environmental Protection and Land Resources of Turkmenistan, the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC), and the German ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Turkmenistan Clips Wings Of Citizens Fleeing Economic Woes

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Publication date: onday 16 April 2018

Turkmen national living in Istanbul Most of those being prevented from boarding their planes are from Turkmenistan’s desolate outer regions, such as Dashoguz and Lebap, where economic conditions are most severe. The national Migration Service office at ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Uzbekistan – Turkmenistan: Time-tested cooperation

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Publication date: hursday 12 April 2018

Secondly, there is intense interaction between the border regions of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. An agreement has been reached on development of cross-border cooperation between Bukhara and Khorezm regions of Uzbekistan with Lebap and Dashoguz regions of ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Turkmenistan building fiber-optic line to South Asia

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Publication date: Friday 23 February 2018

Five international fiber-optic communication lines are linked on the territory of Turkmenistan. Two fiber-optic systems are currently operating in the country: the circular Ashgabat-Mary-Turkmenabat-Dashoguz-Ashgabat system and the radial Garabogaz ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: BP : Turkmenistan assessing fresh water resources in Aral Sea region

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Publication date: uesday 31 October 2017

Specialists of the Dashoguz hydrogeological expedition are conducting on-site exploration and evaluation of fresh groundwater reserves, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reported. “The work is carried out to establish the level of provision of the ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Turkmenistan Travel Advisory

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Publication date: uesday 09 January 2018

Required Registration with State Migration Service (SMS). If you are in Turkmenistan more than three working days, you must: Register at an SMS office in Ashgabat, Dashoguz, Mary, Turkmenabat, or Turkmenbashy, depending on where your sponsoring ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Turkmenistan: The Fool’s Golden Age

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Publication date: Wednesday 07 December 2016

Bruce Pannier recounted the more recent woes earlier this week: A customer enters a store in Turkmenistan’s northern Dashoguz Province. “I’d like to buy some sugar and some cooking oil, please.” Store employee: “Certainly. Just put your name on ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: Cotton sowing season starting in Turkmenistan

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Publication date: onday 12 March 2018

the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper reports. Cotton growers of the Ahal, Lebap and Mary provinces will start sowing on this day, and the northern Dashoguz province will join on March 28. The future harvest of cotton depends largely on compliance with the ...

News Turkmenistan » Dashoguz: BP : Turkmenistan creating buffer forest zone near Aral Sea

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Publication date: Sunday 12 November 2017

Work is underway to create a buffer forest zone on the eastern shore of the Sarygamysh Lake in the Dashoguz province of Turkmenistan in order to prevent the flow of dust and salt from the Aral zone to the territory of the country, the Neutral Turkmenistan ...