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Turkmenistan , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Turkmenistan » Health: Gene Nichol: In the US, the inequality gap is ever widening

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Publication date: uesday 16 January 2018

We have the highest incarceration rate in the world – surpassing Russia, Cuba, China, El Salvador and Turkmenistan. On health care, we spend double the average, per person, of the 37 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: Russian Cops Still Can't Vacation In The West, But Turkmenistan Is Fair Game

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Publication date: Friday 12 January 2018

But they still have Turkmenistan. A Russian tourism association has published ... crime, ecology, climate, and health. One commenter on a police-themed social-media profile posted a purported image of an analogous directive from the federal National ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: Taking The Temperature Of Turkmenistan’s Economic Meltdown

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Publication date: onday 08 January 2018

Even the International Monetary Fund, which typically relies heavily on official data and issues highly circumspect health bulletins on Turkmenistan’s economy, betrayed muted concern in November after a delegation traveled to the country. “Since the ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: 48 hours in Turkmenistan: 'You are TV -- be careful'

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Publication date: onday 25 May 2015

We asked to speak to Turkmenistan officials about their drive for sport and their campaign -- the "Month of Health" -- that coincided with our visit. We were negotiating past midnight to speak to them, but as our trip went on, our interviewees dropped out.

News Turkmenistan » Health: Turkmenistan’s president casts himself as gun-toting action hero in state media video

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Publication date: hursday 03 August 2017

Berdymukhamedov was Turkmenistan’s health minister until 2006, when longtime leader Saparmurat Niyazov died. Niyazov, who led the nation since it broke from the Soviet Union in 1990, built up a cult following, which his successor broke down in favor of ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: World AIDS Day: Zero Infections in Turkmenistan?

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Publication date: onday 01 December 2014

My first ever visit to Turkmenistan last week was an eye opener on so many levels. I was there presenting at an international seminar on "Health and diplomacy" that brought together participants from the Ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs from all ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: Turkmenistan's dictator just built a huge golden statue of himself riding a horse

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Publication date: onday 25 May 2015

The statue itself recalls the Bronze Horsemen in St. Petersburg — meant to honor Peter the Great — and reinforces Berdymukhamedov's self-fashioned title of "Arkadag" or "protector" of Turkmenistan. The former dentist was the minister of health under ...

News Turkmenistan » Health: Turkmenistan loses medical aid

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Publication date: uesday 05 January 2010

Since these states became independent, however, lack of funding means there have been drastic cutbacks of health expenditure. “There simply isn’t enough staff, or enough drugs, to treat patients.” Turkmenistan became independent from the USSR in 1991 ...