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Turkmenistan , Saturday 21 April 2018

News Turkmenistan » Social: Migration Service of Turkmenistan confirms right of citizens to freedom of movement

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Publication date: hursday 19 April 2018

national or social origin, property, official or other status. "No citizen of Turkmenistan can be deprived of the right to leave Turkmenistan and enter Turkmenistan," the information says. The right of a citizen of Turkmenistan to enter his or her own ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: The tragic echoes of Turkey’s anti-Gülen campaign in Turkmenistan

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Publication date: onday 09 April 2018

The movement consists of volunteers in social services, with an emphasis on the importance ... Following the Soviet breakup in 1991, the Gülen Movement established themselves in reclusive Turkmenistan, too. “I have been to many countries and looked ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: Turkmenistan to deepen strategic partnership with IDB

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Publication date: Saturday 24 February 2018

Muhtar underlined the importance of the future Turkmenistan—Afghanistan—Pakistan—India (TAPI) gas pipeline which guarantees further increase of economic and social wellbeing of many Asian nations. The Turkmen president highly assessed activity of the ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: Turkmenistan Travel Advisory

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Publication date: uesday 09 January 2018

Before purchasing such items for export, see the Embassy of Turkmenistan website for their customs information. LGBTI Travelers: Same-sex sexual contact between men is illegal and carries criminal penalties. Social norms in Turkmenistan are extremely ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: IMF Staff Concludes Staff Visit to Turkmenistan

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Publication date: Friday 10 November 2017

A recently-announced policy package including the seven-year economic and social development plan presents an opportunity ... An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission led by Mr. Martin Sommer visited Ashgabat during November 1-8, 2017 to assess ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: Turkmenistan's Gülenist Crackdown

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Publication date: Saturday 10 June 2017

Several human rights organizations — including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the Norwegian Helsinki Committee — released a statement today outlining Ankara’s reach into Turkmenistan ... to incitement to social, ethnic, or religious ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: Turkmenistan willing to play active role in Belt and Road construction: president

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Publication date: hursday 23 June 2016

"China stands ready to enhance cooperation with Turkmenistan in various areas to enrich our strategic partnership," said Xi, stressing that expanding energy cooperation will be conducive to economic and social development of both countries. China ...

News Turkmenistan » Social: Qatar, Turkmenistan enjoy stable ties

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Publication date: uesday 14 March 2017

Qatar and Turkmenistan enjoy distinct and stable relations based on mutual understanding and respect, and common willingness to develop and upgrade these relations at all levels. The exchange of visits between HH the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al ...